PPM’s Additional Services Offered

Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal

Our snow removal services set themselves apart from other providers by going above and beyond the norm. Our snow removal equipment is top of the line – including a fleet of plow and salt trucks, skid steers with plows, and small machines for servicing sidewalks. Our additional snow removal methods include a variety of melting products.

Our team is always the first on the road clearing a way and working until far after other crews have called it quits for the day. We stand by the fact that we clear the roads before your clients even notice the snow hit hard.

Tree Trimming

We’ll send our trimming specialists who will come to your property and use our expertise to advise you on the best care and trimming options for your property’s trees. By assessing the property first, it allows you to take advantage of PPM’s years of experience in tree trimming to get the professional look you desire.

Our trimming service is usually applied to larger landmark trees and involves removing all deadwood and leads, both of which help with the overall health and growth of the tree. We will also raise the canopy to a level that gives the tree a more appealing appearance but still allowing it to be functional for the area that it is in.

Tree Pruning and Shaping

Tree Pruning and Shaping

PPM’s tree pruning and shaping services provide ornamental trees with more detailed pruning than our competitors. Pruning is known to encourage the health of the tree while encouraging a more balanced growth and expansion of the ornamental tree. Shaping a tree is typically a supplement to pruning, so they both will go hand in hand. When shaping your trees, we trim and cut the tree with great detail to achieve a polished, uniform look.

Landscape Supplies

At PPM we proudly offer landscaping supplies to our residential clients and commercial businesses. We offer:

  • Sales of bulk firewood (50lb bags)
  • Sales of mixed ice melters (50lb bags)

We’re committed to not cutting corners or just doing work that is considered “good enough” because we want to invest in our customers just like they invest in their customers or homes. We focus on integrity and productivity and will not stop until we are confident the job is completely done, and done right.

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