Leaves, Leaves and More Leaves. What is a Business Owner To Do?

Here in Westland, Michigan, we are lucky enough to experience the changing of seasons and all that it entails. In the spring, we watch everything blossom; in summer, our landscapes are dark evergreen, and in the fall, the leaves change to beautiful, vibrant colors before slowly falling off in time for the luminesce white snow. But for businesses and homeowners, falling leaves can create a surplus of problems all their own. So what is a Michigan business owner to do? PPM Landscape Contractors offers full leaf removal services for commercial properties located in Westland and throughout the area. Here are some of the main reasons why having your leaves removed is so important and ways you can recycle them if you are looking to do so.

Reasons Leaf Removal Is So Critical for Your Westland Commercial Lawn

Allow Your Grass to Breathe
A blanket of leaves left sitting on your commercial lawn over the winter can be harmful to the cool-season grasses we have here in Michigan. During the fall, grass tends to revitalize itself and strengthen its root systems. However, a thick blanket of leaves will block the sunlight and water, depriving your turf of these vital elements. Raking them or having the leaves removed will help to ensure your soil and root systems can breathe and receive the proper nutrients needed to bounce back in the spring.

Leaves Can Lead to the Growth of Fungi
After all the rain we’ve gotten in October, piles of wet leaves can lead to mold growth-promoting different types of fungal diseases. Fungi such as snow mold, grey leaf spot, and dollar spot can creep up during the winter, staying dormant until spring comes around and then start growing on your grass and plants.

Leaf Piles Attract Pests
Pests love dark, wet, hidden areas where they can hide out and survive the cold. Piles of leaves make the perfect environment for them to shelter in place. Once spring arrives, they will emerge from their hiding spots and destroy your lawn.

Decrease Chances for Thatch Build-Up
Removing the leaves off your lawn can help decrease your chances of thatch build-up. Thatch is the layer of organic matter that accumulates on your grass on the surface, and it is a combination of living and dead plant matter, including rhizomes, crowns, stolons, and roots. While small amounts are not harmful, an excessive amount of thatch can lead to soil compaction.

Prevent Accidents
Wet leaves can create a dangerous situation. Have you ever driven on a damp road full of leaves, and suddenly you start to slide? This is because when you drive over wet leaves, the wheels of your vehicle have less traction. Leaves can also obstruct the view of potholes, signs, and other important markings on the road. While you can’t prevent leaves from falling on roadways outside your property, you can help prevent them from blowing out onto the street during a windy autumn day by removing the leaves on your lawn.

Environmentally Friendly Ways To Repurpose Leaves

Use for Mulch
So what can you do with all of these leaves? There are a few environmentally friendly ways to repurpose them. Leaves are packed with nitrogen and other minerals that trees derive from their roots. They can be added to garden or flower beds and used as a layer of mulch or an effective weed barrier. If you don’t have too many leaves covering your lawn, mow them over with your lawnmower and give your turf an added dose of fertilizer before winter. The decomposed minerals from the chopped-up leaves will filter down to your grass, giving them the added nutrients they need.

Compost Fall Leaves
Use them for composting. If you’re a gardener, you are probably already familiar with the concept of composting. It is a process that allows naturally occurring microbes to convert yard waste such as leaves and grass clippings into nutrients and minerals you can add to your soil. Leaves are perfect because they break down fast. Simply find a designated space to store them and turn them regularly to improve air circulation.

Never Burn Leaves
Do not burn leaves! While burning leaves is pretty common and may seem like the simple thing to do, it is not only bad for the environment but horrible if you suffer from allergies. Leaves leave off a ton of smoke filled with mold, soot, and other bacterial fungi that can be unsafe to breathe in, especially if you are allergy-prone. Burning leaves is also one of the most common starters of forest fires, and in many places, new regulations have put bans on doing so.

For Full Leaf Removal and Fall Clean-Up of Your Commercial Property in Westland and beyond, Contact PPM Landscape Contractors

Your best bet is to hire the professionals at PPM Landscape Contractors for fall clean-up and full leaf removal. Save time and energy while focusing on the true needs of your business and let leaf removal up to us. Our landscape and construction team has over ten years of experience in a wide range of landscaping projects and services. Contact us now to learn more and schedule your full leaf removal pick-up and fall clean-up today. Visit our website, contact us via our online form or give us a call at (877) 454-8733.

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