Why You Need Commercial Snow Removal During Michigan Winters

Believe it or not, we Michiganders experience the nation’s second-worst winters – only Minnesota beats us. All that snow looks beautiful when it first falls, but unfortunately, someone has to move it off the roads so you can get to work, school, or the grocery store. If you’re the owner of a business, doctor’s office, or manage a school, hiring professional snow removal during Michigan winters can save you time, money, and even injuries.

Benefits Of Commercial Snow Removal During Michigan’s Cold Monthssnowy steps to a door

Greater Safety

Nothing is more frustrating – or costly than a slip and fall accident. Students heading to school may be forced to miss class. Employees may have to take medical leave while their injuries heal. Here are just a few specific examples of how slip and fall accidents can impact your business and why choosing commercial snow removal fixes these issues.

Office Buildings

Businesses need to make a good first impression, or customers may take their money elsewhere. If a customer slips on ice or has to trudge through unshoveled snow on the way to the door, it most definitely does not make for a good first impression. You want your first interaction with that customer to be pleasant – not frustrated.

Doctors’ Offices And Hospitals

It’s not only patients that can slip and fall. Medical staff, especially paramedics, are vulnerable to the snow and ice when they exit the ambulance to transport clients. Hiring a commercial snow removal service alleviates the risks. Senior living centers, or any office that deals primarily with eldercare, also greatly benefit from snow removal services. The elderly are already at hiring risk of falling and injuring themselves. Adding snow and ice to that equation only increases the likelihood of an accident.

Rental Properties

With dozens or even hundreds of tenants living in a small area, the potential for disaster increases. You don’t need a lawsuit on your hands because someone fell in the parking lot of your apartment complex.

Shopping Mallsparking lot with snow cleared

With the holiday season coming up, thousands of people will flock to local shopping malls to purchase gifts for the family. Utilizing commercial snow removal for Michigan malls is just common sense. It protects shoppers on their way in and those already in the store. Many malls use tile flooring because it looks nicer. Unfortunately, this tile floor becomes a hazard when thousands of people trek snow in on their winter boots. The less snow and ice those shoppers have to get through before they reach the door, the less likely they are to slip and fall on the tiles inside. And, of course, having a snow-free parking lot makes it easier for shoppers to reach the door safely. Plus, being able to clearly see the lines ensures the maximum amount of people at your business. If the parking lot lines are covered by snow, shoppers will do their best to guess where the lines should be, but this improvised spacing may decrease the number of parking spaces. If you can’t tell where the lines are, you may accidentally take up two spaces.

Schools and Universities

These establishments should be a place of learning and safety. By employing the help of commercial snow removal for Detroit-area schools, your students can focus on their studies without fearing the journey across campus, from building to building, walking in parking structures, or traversing parking lots.

Save Time And Money

Getting ready for work on a cold winter morning is already tough enough. You’ve got to remember extra layers for warmth, and you’ll have to leave early to deal with traffic if there’s snow on the road. Many businesses or medical offices choose to shovel snow themselves – which adds more time to your morning routine. Skip the hassle and hire a professional! They’ll arrive promptly – often long before your business opens. And a professional’s plow can move more snow and faster so they won’t disrupt arriving employees or customers.

No More Back Pain

Shoveling snow yourself can strain your back and shoulders, causing severe joint pain. Leave the twisting and lifting to the pros and save yourself that trip to the chiropractor.

Contact PPM for Snow Removal in Michigan

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